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Portsmouth in Hampshire, Southern England, is well-known for its naval heritage. Few however realise that Portsmouth was once home to a municiple airport, operating for over 40 years between the early 1930s and the early 1970s. Today, the site where Portsmouth airport once stood, or Portsmouth aerodrome as it was also commonly referred, is home to a housing estate and thriving local businesses. But in its heydey Portsmouth airport was home to many aircraft variants, shuttling people around the country and also to destinations across the English Channel and beyond. Indeed, Portsmouth airport was once the starting point for an international air race which saw an intrepid few risk reputations and lives to get to Johannesburg in South Africa by air alone. This website is intended to serve as an information resource for anyone interested in learning the history of how Portsmouth airport came into existence and, as importantly, what led to its rather unfortunate and sudden demise.

Acknowledgements and disclaimer

Portsmouth airport existed at a time very different from today's information-rich world. Various books and online blogs have been written over the years discussing aspects of the life and decline of the airport, although a single authoratative source of information does not seem to exist. Much of the information contained on this website has been sourced from open-source websites, which includes photographs and anecdotes. Where such sources have been used, acknowledgements are credited where they are known. No claim to the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained on this website is assured, nor is ownership claimed where open-source information has been used.

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